Victory… OF the Light… IN the Light… FOR the LIGHT… It is Done…

*ALL* comeing to *LiGHT* – °!°NoW°!°

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20130813-233118.jpg[Kp note 8-14-13… SEE UPDATE BELOW]

I am writing this prior to completion of this mission, which is being carried out tonight.

This message has been given to me in this now moment. There may be little time (or desire) to write anything after the mission is finished.

Several operations were carried out, in the region known as “Maryland”, and that known as “Washington DC”.

First, a green citrine crystal (the last of 3 I had been given at Mt. Shasta) was thrown into the Potomac River, from the bridge on US Hwy. 301. This opened a channel (energetic) for “dark” type elements to freely be released and flow through the Potomac. The waters were completely clarified of all negative intents.

This process was completed by driving to Point Lookout. I will post a video of this ceremony. The ceremony completed and crystallized the clarification of the Potomac, specifically for…

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